A walk-through is a faster and less formal option that I perform as opposed to a home inspection. The walk-through is just like it sounds, simply a walk-through of the home. I do not adhere to a Standards of Practice or generate any kind of written report. My observations of the home are communicated orally to you (the client) as we walk through the home together.

The walk-through is a great learning experience for buyers, sellers, and agents. It is cheaper and faster than a home inspection and is great for clients who are in the pre-listing stage of selling a home and for clients looking to buy a home but are on the fence with it (pre-offer stage).

That being said I do recommend that clients bring a camera and something to take notes with so you can take pictures and write down important information I communicate to you. For more information and pricing feel free to contact me.

Real Estate Agents:

Are you a seller’s agent?

Does your seller ever purchase a pre-listing home inspection?

If you answered “no” or “rarely” to that question then I am assuming it’s because of the cost associated with a full home inspection.

This is where a walk-through will benefit you and your client greatly! It is cheaper, it is faster, and very informational. I will walk through the home and point things out that your client will be expected to fix and your client can take care of those things and/or avoid any surprises once a buyer has a full home inspection done on the home.

This can help you understand the condition the home is in before you list it and it will help you understand what to expect once it is fully inspected.